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The Benefits of Scanning Your Old Slides and Negatives to CD

The creation of a digital library from your old slides and film negatives means no further deterioration in quality, no more rummaging around in boxes to find them and no more setting up of bulky projectors to view them.

By having your slides transfered to CD you'll be able to view your photos at the touch of a button, not only that but you'll be able to email your digitized photos to friends and family and have prints made at any photo lab.

The personalised DVD slideshow is perhaps the easiest and most convenient way to share and view your pictures on television and would make a particularly wonderful and original gift for your family. I offer the best scanning service

Equipment Used for Scanning Slides and Negatives to CD

I use only the latest, state-of-the-art, Nikon slide and film scanner to transfer your slides to CD. This machine really is a breakthrough in technology and incorporates a remarkable feature called Digital ICE4. This enables a final, additional infra-red scan of the slide or negative which identifes and goes a long way to digitally eliminating the inevitable surface defects, scratches and fingerprints from the resultant image. I scan slides and negatives to digital at a resolution of 2000dpi which will enable you to make a 10"x8" print with no image enlargement. Let me know if you require a larger res.


My Service

All your film material is cleaned using compressed air then scanned to digital format applying Digital ICE 4. The individual scanned images are then opened in Photoshop where they are rotated and trimmed as necessary. I then assess the image and, as required, adjust shadows/highlights, exposure, colour balance, tones and contrast. I also perform further surface defect removal to give you the very best possible results, generally better than the original slides/negatives themselves.


The price to convert your negatives or slides to CD is 30 for up to 50 images and 35p per image thereafter. This price includes as many cd's/dvd's as required, each with a personalised label made from a selection of your photos. Additional copies are 2 each. Return recorded postage is 5 or whatever you pay if more. A movie Slideshow DVD if required is an additional 10. I can offer a little discount if you have a large quantity of a few hundred or more to scan.

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Please note that the service I provide is at the very least equivalent to the 'premium', 'gold', 'platinum', 'professional', 'delux' sevices offered by other companies often charging rather more. This is primarily my long term hobby as well as small home-studio based business. My job satisfaction derives from creating the best final image that can be achieved for each slide. There's a lot of competition for your custom and I prefer to charge less and, hopefully, keep reasonably busy. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to me. Please compare my prices but most of all compare my service. Click on the above link to read what my clients have to say about my slide and negative scanning service.

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Free Samples

If you wish to check out the quality that can be achieved simply send 3 or 4 slides or a strip of film to Guy Bemrose, 35mm Conversions, Flat 1, 99 Littlefield Lane, Grimsby, Nth East Lincs DN34 4PN enclosing your email address. I shall then return your scanned, digital images by email. Please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope for the return of your film material. I am totally confident that you shall be more than impressed with the results.


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